Medi Therapy Blu Cool Memory Mattress -

£ 884.91
The Medi Therapy Blu Cool Memory Mattress is an advanced therapeutic mattress designed for the health conscious active consumer who wants only the very best from their bed Incorporating expertly designed cuttingedge technology favoured by sportspeople around the world you can rest assured that every night on this mattress will be relaxing and refreshing and set you up for a worldbeating next dayTo provide the best possible support and comfort to every part of your body this mattress contains a 1000 pocket spring system combined with a state of the art multizone foam structure Together these advanced technologies allow the surface of your bed to become more finely tuned to your body The expertly designed construction of this mattress also includes a BluCool Memory Foam layer and luxurious Climate Cool Fabric providing the ultimate in support and pressure relief while also giving a crisp refreshing feel to your nights sleepMeanwhile BugGuard technology prevents dust mites or other insects gaining access to your mattress and neutralises any that do to combat allergies and sensitivities