Linden Willis Collection 6600 Azaleas -

£ 399.95
The Linden Willis 6600 Azaleas mattress has 3000 individual pocket springs and also for extra comfort there is a further 3600 mini springs featured on top of the main spring unit The 3000 pocket springs give individual support to each part of the body depending on the weight on them This has the advantage in that when two people share a bed even if they are of different weight they will each have the correct support Pocket springs also help to prevent any roll together or any disturbance by one person affecting the other person sharing the bed This mattress is finished with a luxury Damask cover and is also anti allergic making it ideal for allergy sufferers It has edge to edge support and has hand sewn handles at the sides These will make turning the mattress easierThe mattress is finished with soft woollen tufts to ensure the mattress maintains its shape for many years If you are looking for a great value mattress that will offer many years of luxurious comfort and a medium level of support then our Linden Willis 6600 Azaleas mattress has been built for you