Millbrook Sheraton 1400 Pocket Mattress - Double (4'6" x 6'3")

£ 544.95
If you want to wake up feeling fully refreshed ready for the day ahead then you couldnt do much better than sleeping on the Millbrook Sheraton 1400 Pocket MattressThere are 1400 pocket springs helping to make your time in bed as supportive as possible The springs are individually mounted in separate cloth pockets and react to the person lying on them Each part of the body will have support as required This also means that two people sharing the bed will have support applicable to their individual weight Roll together is also minimised as are disturbances by one person affecting the other person sharing the bed With support right up to the edge of the mattress the full width can be usedTo increase the comfort pure new wool and natural cotton are used as fillings The whole mattress is then covered with a soft cotton cover Two rows of stitching and tufting on the surface keep the mattress in shape and allow it to be turned using handles attached to the sidesThe mattress is 225cm deep and is a medium to firm feelIt is made in the UK by our craftsmen and conforms to the National Bed Federations Code of PracticeThis Millbrook mattress comes with a 60 Night Sleep Trial Sleep on your new mattress for between 30 and 60 nights and if youre not 100 happy you can send it back to us in exchange for another Millbrook model Simply get in touch Terms conditions apply