Aruba Pocket Latex 1000 Mattress -

£ 279.61
The Aruba Pocket Latex 1000 Mattress is made using visco latex foam which supports the whole body giving the relaxing feel while sleeping The 2 way stretchable silk fabric cover comes with high quality damask fabrics side stitched border eliminating joint pressures and helps to relive body achesThe mattress has 1000 individual pocket springs all of which move independently from each other to respond to your body shape and movements throughout the nightThe pocket springs provide individual comfort and support instantly and therefore give support as required to each person sharing the bed Latex foam is the best memory foam to giving support equally to the whole bodyThe mattress gives whole body the support each individual requiresThe foam filling used in the mattress senses the weight of body and adjust to the body curves The mattress recovers instantly because of its rebound properties when you move to a different part of the mattressLatex memory foam also has the advantage of helping to prevent any roll together and also helps to prevent any disturbance on one side of the bed affecting a person sleeping on the other side of the bedThe mattress has a stretchable silk material cover with damask side stitched border The Aruba Pocket Latex 1000 Mattress has a soft to medium tension and is one sided