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Mobile PC Rescue Services

In many cases we can repair your PC in your home, minimising disruption for you. Our customers have found this service particularly useful when compared to taking a PC into a shop, as travel and hassle of replugging and reinstalling is minimised. In some cases, such as in the case of failed major components, it makes more sense to take the PC away, but in most cases we can locate parts quickly and return within a few days (or less) to minimize inconvenience.

Minor upgrades such as memory and additional drives can be carried out in your home, most major upgrades such as system hard drives and motherboards will involve removal, upgrade and return of the PC. Again, in most cases we can locate parts quickly and return within a few days (or less) to minimize inconvenience.

System setup
New systems set up in your home, including internet, printers, scanners etc

Virus and malware removal
In the large majority of cases, viruses and other malware such as popups, false antivirus programs etc, can be removed during a home visit.

System speed up and clean up
If your system is running slowly, or choked with strange messages, then we will be able to recover it's original speed and performance.

Whole operating system system reinstallations (XP, Vista, etc)

We can produce simple to sophisticated hobby or business websites, including features such as feedback and enquiry forms, shopping carts, embedded video, etc-please see our links page which showcases some of our sites.

We can offer qualified teaching (Bachelor of Arts, Post Graduate Certificate of Education, Microsoft Certified Proffesional) in computer skills in your home.